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Short hair in women has been very successful in recent times , and it is not for less! Well, it feels as good as long hair, even better sometimes, because it brings personality and distinction to the look. This is one of the bets most carried out by celebrities, since many of them have dispensed with long hair and have opted for the practicality of short films.

Here are five ideas to wear shaved hair elegantly and succeed with your new image!

5 looks to capture more than one look

  1. Zero shaved hair . It is, without a doubt, a cut indicated for the riskiest. His points in favor are his comfort, ease of maintenance and that stylizes the neck a lot! Some of the celebrities have already dared with the classic shaving.
  2. Asymmetric shaving with long mane. The lateral area of ​​the head is shaved while the rest of the mane remains long. It is a cut that has been seen a lot in the last 2 years, and the best way to make it look elegant is to take full advantage of the ear and wear original earrings, large and bright.
  3. Shaved hair with crest. Risky and schematic breaker! So we can define this look. It is based on shaving the entire head except the upper part, which is what you have to take care of and comb to look radiant. Lacquer and iron will be your best allies if you decide on this cut. You can manage your hair creating very attractive looks!
  4. Undercut . The key to this cut is the shaving of the lateral parts and the back of the neck, leaving the longest hair on the crown. It is a hairstyle that can be classified as a rebel and brings a lot of personality! Many of the women who have decided for him, take advantage of it to make designs and striking motifs, such as mandalas or any kind of creativity. If you don’t dare alone, you can always go to your trusted hairdresser and get some cool ideas.
  5. Shaved with paraded bangs. This cut is perfect to bring sweetness to the face. It consists of wearing shaved hair all over the head (not zero, but short), except for the front part, which will be left with a long fringe paraded to the side. It usually sits great!

Whatever type of hairstyle you choose, remember that hair care is key to wearing a radiant hair. To do this, we suggest Fructis hair products, since their fortifying assets take care of your hair from the roots to the tips. Enter our website and find the product that best suits your needs!

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