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Oily hair is one of the greatest nightmares of every woman, but if it is also fine, the caked and lifeless effect ends anyone’s morale. No problem without solution! Next, we tell you how to wear a vital and shiny mane to be prettier than ever.

Change the way you wash your hair

If you are one of those who put a lot of shampoo on the hand or directly on the head and scrub until the scalp is shiny, you may not be doing your best for your hair. The fine hair is more fragile and excess product may alter the scalp and produce hated that excess fat.

From now on, try to take less shampoo. Once you have wet hair and the product in your hand, spread it with a gentle and relaxing massage, only on the scalp. This is where fat is produced, so it is important to influence the entire surface.

Then, distribute the rest of the product by the hair, but do not rub or twist it, so you will only get tangled and break it. Comb your fingers (and be careful not to pull) while you spread the foam along the length.

Later, it clarifies all the hair, especially the scalp, that there is no product left. We love to wash your hair with shampoos rich in natural ingredients, which provide vitamins and minerals that not only improve the appearance of the hair, but also your health, as is the case with Original Remedies Remedio de Mace. This range combines two of the most authentic ingredients of nature: the restorative power of Maple Sap and the nutritional properties of Almond Oil to restore your hair all its vitality and softness for those damaged hair that needs intense repair.

Then apply the conditioner and mask, but once a week. We want you to write down the key commandment in a notebook a hundred times so as not to grease the roots: “Do not apply conditioner or masks above what my ponytail marks.” Do not fall into this catastrophic error that can lead you to make the problem worse.

Tricks to prolong washing!

The scalp with a tendency to grease can prolong the time between washes if you have some tricks on the sleeve.

  1. Avoid any hairstyle that crushes the hair , as is the case with a very tight ponytail. It is a good way to prolong your life.
  2. Don’t be touching it all the time! As it happens in the face, touching the hair too much can make this problem worse.
  3. Finally the best kept secret, dry shampoo . Choose natural formulas that absorb excess fat to lengthen the days when you have to wash your hair.

If you follow these simple steps your hair will be perfect day after day!

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