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Is there something in your head that is driving you crazy? Do you need to use all your willpower not to scratch and relieve that incessant itching on your scalp? We want you to stop, so we have compiled some of the most common causes of this itching and we tell you how you can avoid it.

My head itches, what can it be?

Itching in the scalp is suffered by more people than you imagine and can occur for multiple reasons. Among the most common, we find the lack of hydration. Yes, the scalp is probably one of the big forgotten when it comes to care. We pay attention to the needs of our skin and our hair, but we forget this area hidden under the mane.

One of the reasons why this itching appears is that you have sensitive scalp. If the facial skin is sensitive, why can’t it also be from this area? In that case, our recommendation is that you choose skin-friendly products, shampoos, conditioners and masks that avoid aggressive chemicals and are rich in soothing ingredients, it will be your best asset to tackle this problem as soon as possible. Oatmeal can be the ideal remedy to soothe your skin, and therefore from Garnier we recommend the Delicatesse range of Oats to tackle this problem

Stress, enemy of the health of your hair

Our current pace of life usually leads us to live stressful situations that are reflected in our health and that of our hair. The chemical changes that the body faces when fighting stress can lead to skin itching, so we recommend calm.

A good way to deal with stress is to make a spa at home. Bet on getting a complete treatment for your hair with moisturizing and soothing products, dedicating all the time you need and without haste.

But when you go to dry your hair, do not go with the dryer, or you will throw overboard all previous work. Using this styling tool at a very high temperature causes irritation to the scalp that results in that annoying constant itching sensation. Use a lower temperature and never, never, never, forget to apply heat protection to the hair.

Avena, the best friend of your skin

From ancient Egypt, they already used this cereal to care for and improve the health and appearance of the skin. This food is rich in antioxidants, vitamin B1, calcium and iron, key ingredients to improve sensitive and atopic skin, for that reason, it is present in numerous skin care products.

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