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Hair cycle? Hair follicle? Keratin? Surely, on some occasion, you have felt this identified: you are reading a text about hair topics and there are some terms that you do not fully understand, and therefore, you do not know all the information well, but you are in luck! because in this article we will try to define the most important capillary terms in the best way. Pay attention because it can come in handy when it comes to wearing a splendid mane every day!

Hair cycle

It is the life cycle of each hair and is composed of three phases. The first of them is given the name of Anagen and it is the phase of active formation of the hair in the hair bulb, it lasts about three years, during which time, the hair grows at a rate of one centimeter per month.

The second phase is called Catagen. This is the regression phase in which cell division stops and the follicle shrinks. Its duration ranges from two to four weeks.

And the last stage is the Telogen phase, and that is when hair loss occurs. Its duration is two to four months, after it, the Anagen phase takes place again.


It is the fat that protects the scalp and hair and is produced by the sebaceous glands found in the hair follicle. Sometimes sebum production can be excessive due to genetics, hormonal changes and stress. Excess sebum can be controlled with certain cosmetic products aimed at oily hair, such as Fructis Pure Fresh Coconut Water shampoo or Fructis Pure Fresh Cucumber Purifying range.

Hair follicle

It is under the skin and is a dynamic and very active structure, shaped like a sack, which contains the hair. The hair follicle is responsible for the birth of hair and its health.

Hair bulb

It is the deepest area of ​​the hair follicle, which in turn covers the dermal papilla , both are located in the lower area of ​​the follicle. In this area nutrients are received and new hair cells are formed.

Dermal papilla

It is located at the base of the hair bulb and is essential for the hair root since it is responsible for providing energy and oxygen necessary for hair growth. The papilla gathers numerous blood vessels full of nutrients. It regulates hair growth.


It is a transparent outer layer of hair that protects the cortex, the most elastic and resistant part of the hair. The cuticle is formed by scales and can be damaged by chemical treatments of color, heat … It is the part that reflects the health of the hair.


Keratin is a protein found in the hair and skin, as well as in other places such as the nails of humans or the hooves of animals.

It is a fibrous structural protein that is the main component of hair, and that makes it extremely resistant.


It is a dark colored pigment, responsible for hair and skin color, where it also acts as a photoprotector that absorbs UV radiation and prevents damage. It is produced by specialized cells called melanocytes. There are two main types: eumelanin, brown and black pigments, and pheomelanin, reddish and blond tones.

Surely now everything is much clearer, right? The hair terms are a whole world and it never hurts to learn about the well-being of our hair!

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