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We all want a color that feels great and that favors us, but we also want greater comfort without itching and without an unpleasant smell. But, surely, when it comes time to buy the product, you doubt whether to choose a dye that contains ammonia or one that does not.

What if I decide on a dye without ammonia for a pleasant smell? Will my color be durable and uniform? In this article, we clarify all the doubts you have about this type of coloring!

Advantages of coloring at home

The color without ammonia for a pleasant smell brings a bright color and full of reflections, while taking care of your hair and reducing the sensation of irritation or itching on the scalp.

Its formulas, in which ammonia has been replaced by another softer alkaline agent, contain a technology with oil that allows to enhance the coloring action by propelling the color towards the heart of the hair. And they cover up to 100% of gray hair.

An advantage of this type of coloring is its natural finish, which will make anyone realize that your hair is dyed. This makes it the perfect choice for those who are going to dye for the first time and have a hard time taking the step.

Although it is popularly thought that the intensity of the color of dyes without ammonia for a pleasant smell is less and disappears quickly, this is not so. The color is permanent and durable and will give your hair a soft and luminous appearance.

Olia coloring, maximum coloring power and visibly improves the quality of your hair

At Garnier, we have developed the Olia coloration, the first with oil-powered technology for maximum color efficiency, which looks incredibly rich, alive and durable. Your hair full of shine and highlights, for a radiant and natural hair. Its formula also allows coverage of up to 100% gray hair while visibly improving hair quality.

In addition, you can enjoy a unique sensory experience thanks to its delicate floral aroma, optimal scalp comfort and easy application.

You have probably tried the coloring at home, but now that you also know the effectiveness of dyes without ammonia for a pleasant smell, what are you waiting for to try it on your own hair? If you try Olia, you will repeat without a doubt.

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