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For a workout on the floor, it is necessary to wear a comfortable and easy to perform hairstyle. So, forget about loose hair! There is nothing better than wearing your face exposed, without bothering your hair, and we also don’t want to get tangled up every time you make a move on the mat.

Although we are presumed girls, comfort is essential in this sport, so the most important thing is that you make a comfortable and comfortable hairstyle for comfort. Take note of these simple hairstyles for your yoga class!

Tousled bun, the ultimate in sports hairstyles!

This hairstyle is very easy to perform and, in addition, it is ideal for practicing disciplines such as yoga or Pilates without your hair bothering you. It’s very simple! You just have to brush your hair and pick it up with a rubber fixing it perfectly. Wind your hair around the fixing point, with hairpins if necessary. You can also use a non-slip headband if you have some rebel hairs. The lacquer is perfect for greater fixation!

In addition, the bun is very advisable because it helps to check if the position of your neck is correct.

Very tall pigtails are a safe bet

If you prefer not to pick your full hair, you can always make a high tail to show off your hair. With this look, you will also be very comfortable. This hairstyle is the most suitable if you have a haircut!

Only, you have to collect your hair with an elastic band, if it is transparent much better, so your hair will look more. You can also place it slightly to the side if you are more comfortable. Of course, try not to squeeze it too much, as this damages your well-being to a large extent and you will be much less comfortable.

Braids never fail!

If you have a large volume of hair, a tall braid, for example, a boxer, will sit great, in addition to being a comfortable and flexible hairstyle. Of course, when picking up the braid choose a thin rubber because, if it is thicker, it will hit you in the back and you will be more uncomfortable.

You can also dare with the braided sides, a very manageable hairstyle and suitable to withstand all the yoga class.

Ah, it is important to keep in mind that with the braid, the hair does not tangle! A plus in your favor!

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