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Are you considering changing your look? You don’t know how to do it? You want to lighten your hair, but how to lighten dark hair? Or how to lighten dyed hair? Keep reading because we will update you on the latest trends and how to make them at home yourself! You just need a little time and patience and dedicate yourself exclusively to hair discoloration, we are sure that a change will not hurt you and will make you feel great!

In addition to renewing your look, if you want to know how to lighten black hair or how to lighten dyed hair, fading is an essential step , that is, it is essential to not go directly from brunette to blonde and damage hair in this way.

Bleaching agents: a product with thousands of uses

Bleaching hair is a trend among celebrities and among many influencers that has gradually spread among the rest of mortals. These types of products offer endless possibilities to customize your hair to your liking.

Its most frequent use is to lighten your dark hair, to get that blond you’ve always wanted. This cannot be achieved with classic dyes, since they only clarify two or three tones. However, the bleaches go much further bleaching up to eight shades.

Did you know that bleaching agents also offer other uses? For example, with them you can become mechitas or the famous technique of balayage, so fashionable among the famous and influencers. Also, if you have dyed hair and want to turn your hair a lighter color, you also have to discolor the hair before using a color again, since dye on dye does not lighten.

Another of its most frequent uses is to move you to a more daring color such as red or fantasy colors. You may not dare with this exotic look, but what if these striking tones would make you feel great?

If you are determined to discolor your hair, do not hesitate to do it yourself because it is very easy, remember that you can be fashionable spending little money and without having to give up your style.

First, choose a bleach that pampers your hair like Olia de Garnier, since this range discolors hair in an excellent way, but it also does not contain ammonia! Olia de Garnier is a true revolution for the quality of its color and, most importantly, without ammonia, instead, it is a coloration that is enhanced by natural oils that visibly improve hair quality. In addition, its aroma of floral oils will fascinate you and dyeing you will be a real experience!

Have a platinum blonde with these simple steps

  1. First, mix the bleaching cream as instructed in the instruction booklet. You have to do this every time you use a color.
  2. Once the mixture is done, on dry hair distribute ⅔ parts of the mixture in lengths and ends for 20 minutes.
  3. Distribute the rest in the root for another approximately 20 minutes. Remember that you cannot leave the dye more than the time established in the instruction booklet, which is usually about half an hour.

Wear wicks on your hair

  1. First, mix the coloring cream as indicated in the instruction booklet.
  2. Take a strand and put aluminum foil behind to protect the rest of the hair.
  3. You can take a whole strand or the tips, as you want to customize your look.
  4. Once you apply the mixture to the strand, wrap it with the paper and screw it from bottom to top.
  5. Repeat with as many wicks as you want.
  6. You can play with the times to lighten dyed hair as much as you like. When you see that this is your desired color, remove the papers and rinse it. The average duration is usually 15 minutes.

Dare to wear an intense color in your hair

  1. Mix the coloring cream as instructed in the instruction booklet.
  2. Once the mixture is made, on dry hair, distribute 2/3 of the mixture in lengths and ends for 20 minutes.
  3. Distribute the rest in the root for another 20 minutes.
  4. Brightens and dries hair.
  5. Apply the Olia 6.6 red dye (10 minutes at the roots and then pass it to the tip for another 20 minutes).
  6. Clarify and ready!

We know that bleaching hair is something very daring that can give you some repair, however it can be a look that you love or it can be the previous step to lighten black hair or dark hair.

Lose your fear of fading your hair and throw yourself into the trend of the year! Remember that fading becomes good for all women. Dare to customize your look, you will be the sensation among your friends!

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