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After spending a summer trying to protect our hair from the sun, the harmful effects of chlorine and others, we think that winter is here to be able to shine again, but no! The cold of this time of the year also produces a harmful effect on our hair and for that reason, we must adapt our routine to really look a ten hair.

If you want to know how to prevent the cold from ending your shining mane before the end of the year, stay in this article. We discover some simple steps that you must follow to recover your hair damaged by the cold and keep it healthy during the winter.

How does cold damage your hair?

Directly, cold affects your scalp. During the seasons of the year when temperatures decrease, the blood vessels that water the scalp contract, so the sebaceous glands of the scalp do not work as they should. This translates into more fragile, dry and frizzy hair, things that nobody wants.

In addition, the cold forces us to turn on the heating and wear hats and scarves. Wondering how this affects your hair? We tell you! As in summer, heat weakens your hair , which is obtained from heating has the same effect. In fact, it is increased by the constant contrast of temperatures, – it’s cold on the street, you get home and desperately looking for heat – and in many cases, the dryness prevailing in the environment.

For its part, the use of caps and scarves to keep us warm usually causes unwanted static electricity in the hair, friction and snagging that weaken it and can break it.

To counteract the effect of the cold we must bet on a range of nutritional products that give the hair what the low temperatures have taken away. For that reason, in Garnier we have the range of Original Remedies Remedio de Mace, which has repairing maple sap and nutritious almond oil.

Besides nourishing and repairing, what other things can I do?

The care of our hair does not end in the shower, after rinsing our shampoo, conditioner and repair mask. The big problem comes right after, you have to use the dryer! Although useful, this styling tool applies a large amount of heat in a concentrated manner on the hair. To prevent this from ruining your hair, the ideal is to use a heat shield every time you use a dryer, irons or tongs.

Stimulating the scalp is important , especially at this time of year, it is essential. Take a few minutes every day to massage your scalp with your fingertips. Not only will it be relaxing, you will stimulate the area so that the hair stays healthy!

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