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After long months of heat and very pleasant temperatures, it is time for the cold… Winter is here, friends! It’s a roll, we know, but you have to face the situation and take it as well as possible. One of the disadvantages of this season is that the cold and wind damages the well-being of your skin and also of your hair.

To avoid hair damage, we will give you several keys to have healthy and strong hair at this time of year, so take note of all of them!

10 ‘Tips’ to take care of your hair in winter

  1. Up masks! Hair nutrition is very important. To get a healthy and shiny mane, you simply have to use conditioners and masks that contain nourishing agents that repair hair damage. A suitable range is Maple Remedy from Original Remedies, as it facilitates repair and intensely revitalizes damaged hair. For example, you can try the Maple Remedy mask because you will get stronger and stronger hair. Nourished to the ends, infinitely softer and easy to comb.
  2. Cut your tips! The best way to get rid of split ends is to cut them. Surely you have very damaged hair from the sun’s rays, so the best way to start winter well is by cutting your hair to keep it much stronger and healthier.
  3. Even if it is cold and winter, try to get as far away from the dryer as possible or, at least, set it to a temperature not too hot because this will only harm your hair.
  4. If you are one of those who cannot live without an iron or dryer, always use protective terms after each wash. Your hair will thank you pleasantly!
  5. When it’s very windy, the frizz seizes your hair, oh noooo! Therefore, before this dreaded problem appears, buy anti frizz products , a good option may be the range of Original Remedies of Avocado and Shea, a recipe that combines the softening power of Avocado Oil and the properties of Shea Butter to nourish and discipline the most rebellious hair.
  6. When you wash your hair, the water should be warm , it’s the ideal temperature! If it is excessively cold or hot, it can affect the shine and strength of your hair …
  7. Drink a lot of water! Hydrating daily is vital to the health of your skin and hair, so it is advisable to drink water very often to keep your hydration levels stable.
  8. Hair massages are amazing! There are women who do not take it into account, but many others know that massaging the scalp usually has only capillary benefits, since it increases blood flow and allows the growth of your hair. So, why don’t you dare to pamper your hair with your fingers?
  9. Aim! The treatments keratin are very effective to increase the brightness and strength of your hair. With an extra dose of keratin, your hair will achieve greater strength, elasticity, softness and brilliance.
  10. At this time of the year, try to go at least once a month to your trusted hairdresser or your favorite beauty salon. A hydration and professional care session never hurts your hair, right? As soon as you go out the door, your hair will look much softer and brighter.

Take note of all these tips and you’ll see how your hair will be visibly much healthier. What are you waiting for to show perfect hair in winter?

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