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For many girls, the iron is an essential tool in their day to day to wear a perfect and impeccable mane, but like everything good, it has a bad face: the irons can be very harmful for the hair, since they expose it to a source of heat that, sometimes, if we pass, it can be very powerful and harmful. For this reason, when using the iron, keep in mind that you are subjecting your hair to damage that can be irreparable and, therefore, you must take certain precautions.

Do not go over the temperature!

The first big mistake that is usually made is to put the iron at the maximum temperature, thinking that less passes are needed. The point is that, depending on the thickness of the hair, one temperature or another is needed. Here are some keys:

  • Fine, damaged or dyed hair: 160 degrees.
  • Healthy hair: 180 degrees.
  • Thick rebellious and healthy hair: between 180 and 230 degrees.

Another very common mistake is to insist on passing and reviewing the iron through the same place. Do not forget that, when you reach the result you wanted initially, it is not recommended to return the iron more times because the only thing you will get is to mistreat your hair, something that will result in dryness, frizz and breakage later.

To better control the ironing, avoid dividing the hair into large partitions, although it may seem that this is how you will end earlier, in reality you will only lose time. Instead, divide your hair into small partitions and, every time you iron one, hold it with tweezers, so you will control the hair and not it to you!

On the other hand, you should ensure that your hair is always clean and completely dry before ironing, the final appearance will be much better!

The oil, the final touch for perfect ironing

The oil can be your great ally to protect the hair, if you use it regularly you can get great benefits, such as hydration and shine. Apply a few drops of medium oil to tips before ironing and, if necessary, use other droplets afterwards. The oil, in addition to protecting the hair, will maintain its hydration, eliminate frizz and leave it shiny. We propose you to use the oil in Mythical Olive Cream from Original Remedies.

Final tip: do not iron your hair every day, in fact, if you can avoid the iron, do not hesitate to do so. Also remember that every time you iron your hair you should apply a thermal protector, so you will avoid some suffering to your hair.

Follow these tips and you will see how, after straightening, your hair will be perfect, and most importantly, healthy and shiny!

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