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Some girls have oily hair, others have the disadvantage of having dry hair, but there are some unfortunates who both combine both hair problems and as a result, have oily hair and dry ends.

If you have oily hair with dry ends , even if you don’t believe it, today you are in luck, because we bring you many tips to treat it and give it shine and vitality. Pay attention!

Oily hair with dry ends is not only due to poor care

This type of hair is more common in long hair , although this does not mean that midi or short hair is completely released. In fact, any woman can have it at some time in her life.

An interesting fact that you should know is that fatty roots and dry ends are not always due to poor hair care . The causes are varied, there is pollution, stress, fatigue, poor diet … Nor should we forget that the abuse of irons, dryers and dyes also play a great role. The union of all these factors translates into an imbalance in the distribution of sebum between the roots and the tips.

A common problem faced by owners of dry hair and dry ends is the frequency of cleaning, while oily hair needs to be washed often, dry hair does not need them as often, and here we have a dilemma . But this inconvenience will cease to exist for you at the moment when you start using the correct shampoo for this type of hair, for example Fructis Pure Fresh Coconut Water you will love it. Coconut water moisturizes to the tips and gives freshness to the root. For a more intensive treatment, combine the shampoo with the conditioner, and it looks a bit longer!

Tips to care for oily hair with dry ends

  • When drying your hair , treat the tips with delicacy by removing excess water. Get rid of moisture gently with the help of a towel (do not rub excessively, as this will increase peeling).
  • Do not abuse the dryer and the iron . Dry the hair when it is slightly damp.
  • If you prefer to use the dryer , use thermal protectors to protect it from hot air.
  • When applying hair products (masks, conditioners and serums) do not do it from the root, since it does not need them. The correct way to apply them is from means to ends.
  • It is important that when you rinse your hair you make sure that you have removed the entire product.
  • Try not to touch your hair very often because it is easily greased.
  • Do not brush the hair from the root and always do it from means to ends, otherwise you will distribute all the fat.

Apply these tips and see how your hair becomes an enviable mane!

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