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One of the most present aesthetic trends today, especially in the Instagram profiles of many influencers is rainbow hair . Yes, as you hear it! Bright and cheerful colors in your hair! Undoubtedly, a novel coloration (and somewhat daring) that has been imposed on monochromatic coloration and is getting many followers, including singer and model Nicki Minaj.

But not everything is color in this bet because, to preserve it and that it is impeccable and healthy, you have to take care of your hair with great care. Here we tell you the most important tips to take care of your multicolored hair. Aim!

Tricks to take care of rainbow hair

  1. Use a shampoo that protects and takes care of your hair . To prevent the color of your hair from wearing fast, use a mild shampoo according to your hair type. For this step, you can try some of the superfruit shampoos offered by the Fructis range. These, in addition to a deep and restorative care, will make you drunk with an essence that will accompany you throughout the day.
  2. Conditioner and moisturizing mask, the ‘must’ for the well-being of your hair . Do not settle for just the shampoo, your hair has undergone a chemical process that can sometimes be very aggressive if your base is dark, so it will be very weak or need more care not to become dry and straw. One of the most effective forms of hair care is the use of masks and conditioners after washing. These products provide the hair with a large amount of nutrients that help it recover.
  3. Cool water! We are in autumn and, perhaps, one of the things that you least want is to shower with cold water, but if this means keeping your hair shiny and healthy, you will have to make the effort, right? Otherwise, that is, if you wash your hair with hot water, you are drying it out and the color will fade more quickly due to the heat.

Other recommendations that will come in handy for your hair!

  • Try to keep your hair away from long exposures to sunlight . Sunlight is a natural bleach, so protect yourself if you want the rainbow color of your hair to last.
  • To maintain the color, it is recommended to retouch it from time to time, at most once a month . If you do it very often, you will only get your hair to dry out and break.
  • Try not to wash your hair daily because the hair loses its fat and, therefore, dries out.

As usual, you will want this striking and original color of your hair to last as long as possible and not wear it in a flash, so to achieve this follow these guidelines to keep it perfectly nourished and vibrant!

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