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There are some occasions or special celebrations in which any hairstyle or dress is not worth, they are moments in which you have to pay special attention to these details to look splendid. Therefore, if you have a special celebration coming soon and do not know how to comb your hair, in this post we bring you ten proposals of elegant hairstyles to inspire you in your final look. We are sure you will love it!

1. Italian bun, without traveling to Italy!

It is a classic that does not go out of style and that is reinvented every season. In addition, it is very simple to perform and allows many variations, such as with bangs or loose strands to provide a casual look to the face.

It also allows the incorporation of accessories, the best place for them is the back of the head.

2. Straight hair with wet effect

This hairstyle never goes unnoticed! You just have to smooth your hair , comb your hair back and bring the wet effect by applying a good layer of gel or jelly.

It can be accompanied by a stripe in the middle or a side, whichever you prefer. It is a hairstyle that leaves your face clear and marks your features, ideal if you love the shape of your face.

3. Extra smooth ponytail

If you have long hair, this is your haircut! Only, you should make a long polished ponytail and straighten your hair until it is perfectly straight. To prevent it from curling, you have to use abundant lacquer.

It is a hairstyle that clears the face and, for a more marked style, you can accompany it with a very intense makeup.

4. Picked up minimalist bass

This hairstyle consists of making a simple bun at the neck, the size depends on the taste of the person. To bring the elegant touch, it is necessary to comb the hair until it is perfectly polished.

5. Side braid

It is about making a braid that starts from one side of the head to the other through the back of the head. It is a collection that can be adapted to the personality of the person who is going to wear it, that means that each person can give it a personal touch.

6. Braid crown

It is a collection of romantic style that brings sweetness to the face. This collection is usually accompanied by natural flowers (fresh or dried) and is really spectacular.

7. Informal semi-pick

It is about making two small two-strand side braids and knotting them at the back of the head leaving the rest of the hair loose. It is ideal for long hair and to give a more chic touch you can make some waves to the water. Remember to use some lacquer so that they do not fall apart.

8. Vintage hairstyle with waves

It is a very easy collection, the only thing is that you have to have a midi cut. You just have to make waves and pick the hair to the side of the head, exposing the ear. And to crown this look and make it even more flattering, accompany it with a beautiful clamp that matches your outfite.

9. High braided ponytail

It is a perfect hairstyle for the owners of long hair. It’s about making a high ponytail and braiding it. Depending on the person’s taste, the braid can be polished, carefree, with three ends, spike, … As an essential point, you must try to cover the ponytail with a lock of hair to have a perfect finish.

10. Bow with straight bangs

The bun is a pick that fits very well with the straight bangs. If the time comes and you want to change your look by cutting the bangs and at the same time you have a celebration, this hairstyle can be a good bet to impact everyone with a fabulous change.

Remember that to dazzle with these hairstyles it is important to have a pre-treated hair, for this, from Garnier, we recommend the Fructis range for an intense and fortifying care of your mane. Now, go and try one by one, you will find the most successful hairstyles to be an elegantly beautiful guest!

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