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One of the hair problems that women and men suffer most is the happy dandruff. Whenever we see it, we usually associate it with dirt and poor hygiene , but sometimes it is not.

In fact, many do not know what dandruff really is and why it originates in the scalp. Therefore, if you also have no idea why these uncomfortable white motitas arise, read this article and learn more about this common problem that affects millions of people.

Why does dandruff originate?

In addition to being annoying and unsightly, dandruff may be revealing something that has to do with hair health.

Dandruff is a sebaceous and dry scale that forms on the scalp with seborrheic tendency. That is, it is a problem that dazzles the hair and manifests itself by the appearance of small white specks along the hair, and often ends up resting on the shoulders.

The reason why dandruff appears on the scalp is cell renewal. All people go through this process, but there are some who get rid of it by washing and brushing, but there are other cases where it intensifies and is more frequent and visible.

Excessive peeling of the scalp can be due to multiple factors, such as the accumulation of stress, lack of vitamins or a symptom of seborrheic dermatitis.

Peppermint, the best ingredient to fight dandruff

Most of the shampoos indicated to fight dandruff contain mint as the main ingredient, the reason? Its refreshing and soothing properties that make it ideal for soothing itching and reducing scales. In addition, it improves circulation, something that will favor the growth and strengthening of hair, vital to show off!

Therefore, at Garnier we have created the Pure Fresh Mint Refreshing range. Thanks to its formula without silicone and with mint extract with purifying agents, it is able to fortify the hair fiber after each application. Purifies the hair and sanitizes the scalp freeing it from visible dandruff, also calms the itching.

Try it and start sporting a mane free of the unsightly dandruff and with a scent that will seduce you!

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